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How can I stay connected with you?

Please like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter, all under Semerey Dental Management (SDM).

I really like your dental cabinets. How can I get them?

There are 2 ways to get them. You can visit www.panmed-us.com and view all the available styles, designs and colors. Once you made your selection, give us a call 877-447-5007 to discuss and order the shipment. Another way is to visit Arminco Inc. (www.Armincoinc.com), which is located in Sterling, VA to see the actual product. Once you’ve made your choice you can discuss ordering it with them.

To what areas do you provide services to?

We are located in Columbia, MD. We provide consulting and management services to MD, VA and DC. If you are outside of those areas, we are happy to consult with you wherever you are via Skype. All other services, such as dental staffing, dental cabinets and office design are available all across USA.

Is it better to purchase an existing practice or build a new one?

There are a lot of factors and financials that goes into evaluating that question. We can help you get to the right answer by analyzing the data. SDM believes that every business plan will be successful, as long as you believe in your dental skills and you trust the business knowledge that we bring to the table.

What is the key to a successful dental practice?

The key to a successful dental practice is You, the Dentist! The key to successful practice management is Me, Semerey Dental Management!  In every dental office these are the 2 factors that drive the business to success.  Each person should focus on their speciality and at the end of the day, it will be successful.

How long does it take to reach a set goal?

 Every practice grows in different phases, some slower and some faster. We strongly recommend to invest in proper channels of marketing. On average, it can take up to a year to get your practice known among the community and have a steady flow of patients.

I just bought a practice, but I’m not sure about the business aspect of it. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely! This is what we do best! No dentist should be responsible for caring for patients and running a business. Dentist should do what he/she does best, which is medical care. The hussle of running a business should be left to the professionals. SDM can take care of your marketing, accounting, IT software installation, patients accounts and all the other business aspect of running a smooth practice. The most important thing is to set up everything the right way in the beginning.

What does Semerey Dental Management really offer?

SDM offers a wide range of services. The main service we provide is management and consulting for dental practices. Weather a newly purchased office, existing practice or a brand new build out, we can help you achieve the customer flow and financial security you’re looking for. Along with that, we provide you with a design and construction of a new practice and furnishing, with our state of the art metal cabinets. Peek at our “services” section to find out more.